Isn’t it time to focus on your personal growth?

You’re tired…of missing “me” time, staying up late to get #allthethings done, getting eyerolls from and in arugments with your partner because you don’t have quality time together… AGAIN…

Let’s change that for good, together.

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Parent With Clarity

We help parents become the best version of themselves while pursuing the kind of life they actually want…. one with clarity, joy and gratitude.

I get the frustrations, what feels like the never ending struggle to find “balance” and everything that goes with parenting. Whether you sign up or not, I am rooting for you. But let’s be honest when you become a parent a new version of yourself emerges and it can be challenging.
Here’s the good news is it doesn’t have to be so difficult or a constant struggle. Get the one-on-one support, connection and guidance you need as you grow into motherthood. I will thought-partner with you during life’s biggest transitions so that you feel confident in your choices. Working with me will be your game changer moment. I will turn you into a problem solving, mindful, action-taking parent.

Our one-on-one coaching sessions are specifically designed to create a space for you to be heard and understood. Together we will strategize on creating sustainable systems and routines for you and your family; ensuring that stressful situations, tasks and chores become simple and approachable.

Receive guidance and support wherever you are in your journey, pregnancy to parenthood! With this intimate coaching program you will understanding of the emotional realities postpartum period. No matter if you are a first time or a seasoned parent, parents of singletons or multiples  you deserve a supported.

Parent With Clarity Coaching for Parents Who Want to Thrive

Here’s what you get 

We’re 100% focused on you! Imagine submerging yourself in your pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood goals – that’s what you get with Parent With Clarity Coaching. 

Actionable Steps

During life’s biggest transitions you will have a thought-partner so that you feel confident in your choices. 

Get clear on your next steps and make decisions with confidence. No matter the plan you choose, every week you’ll have live coaching calls with Sharita to give you all the support, love and celebration you need! Bring all your questions and work through the homework assignments live on the calls.

Personalized Feedback

Nothing is more frustrating than being in a group coaching program and feeling like a forgotten number as you try to be active in the group. That’s why Parent With Clarity Coaching is a one-on-one coaching program. Sharita offers personalized and tangible feedback –  so if you’re ever stuck you have support.

No matter the plan you choose, Sharita will  give you all the support, love and celebration you need! Bring all your questions and updates on live calls.

How it works

three simple steps

When we work together you will be heard, understood and supported. This coaching program is designed for parents who are struggling with their pregnancy, postpartum and parenthood goals and want one-on-one accountability as they get it together! 


Schedule + hop on a customized-to-you call with Sharita. You’ll determine if this is the right fit for you!


Pick a coaching plan that works for you. Take back control of your life and form a plan that will allow you and your family to thrive. 


Reach your goals and discover who you are as a mom, and how you can live the #bestlife while juggling all the things. 

this is right for you if you want to…


 The right balance you need between work and family


Be guilt free with your choices, whatever they might be because they are done on your terms


Be in charge of your schedule and find “me” time


Know what is most important to you and orient your daily life around the things that matter most

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a life coach?

Life coaching focuses on understanding your present to get you to your desired future. Life coaching is very action-oriented and goal-oriented.

Whether you’d like to address a specific personal project, professional goal, relationship, transition, or general conditions in your life, we will partner together to understand the current situation, identify likely challenges, and map a course of action to get to where you want to be.

 As a life coach, I provide you support and guidance in reaching your goals while holding you accountable along the way. I do NOT give you answers – you are your own best expert. I’m here to ask you questions and offer tools for you to use in finding your answers.

How is life coaching different than therapy?

To start, life coaching is not therapy! Therapy tends to be more about digging into and processing your past, whereas life coaching focuses on understanding your present to get you to your desired future – BAM!

Life coaching is oriented around taking actionable steps for your future. Therapy is oriented around gaining self-insight. To be clear, with life coaching there are no medical diagnoses and/or labels involved. 

Is Life Coaching A Good Fit For Me?

Life coaching may be right for you if you have a goal or goals in mind (even if they’re fuzzy), you’re willing to put in work, and you would like someone to help guide you through the journey and hold you accountable.

Life coaching is RIGHT for you if:

  • Any of these four areas resonates with you.
  • You are motivated to explore and grow in your journey.
  • You approach our time together as Sharita holding space, structure, partnership and accountability – not Sharita telling you answers.

Hello Motherhood will NOT be a fit for you if:

  • You aren’t open to doing work.
  • You aren’t ready to be completely honest in conversation.
  • You are unable to commit to doing exercises outside of our sessions and/or completing a prep form in advance of our conversations.
  • You resist being held accountable to your goals.
  • You want someone to tell you the answers, rather than co-discover and co-create them.
OK; this sounds like something I could benefit from... what's next?

Complete this form to set up a free conversation to learn more about the process and working 1:1 with Sharita. 

Still on the fence?

Let’s make sure you are 100% a good fit. DM us on Insta @parent.with.clarity

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