Hello Pregnancy

Congratulations! You’re expecting a baby!

Hello Pregnancy

Congratulations! You’re expecting a baby!

Are you…

Nervous about your first days and weeks home with baby?

With our postpartum and prenatal courses you will create a detailed plan and feel empowered and confident about early parenting.

...thinking "my baby is here! Now what?"

but feel like you may not have an alternative that is good enough?

...So stressed and overwhelmed with "putting together all the pieces" of your online business

that you are seriously considering giving up on it entirely before you even started?

we hear YOU and let us tell you this:
you are not alone in this feeling!

With hello pregnancy

You will…


Parentpiphany is an education company and virtual community started by parents for parents.

Founded by Sharita Thompson, M.Ed, certified doula and childbirth educator, Parentpiphany’s goal is to improve the physiological, social, emotional and psychological well-being of birthing and non-birthing partners, newborns and families from pregnancy to parenthood.

Through our educational courses and coaching programs we empower parents like you with the knowledge, tools, support and preparation needed to build healthy support systems and routines.

Parentpiphany is the place where parents come to find community and gain confidence while raising their families and juggling all the other things in life. When you enroll in our courses and programs you will birth without fear, confidently navigate the fourth triemster and be prepared to face the chanelleges of being a parent.

Discover how to achieve your ideal childbirth


The welcome hour

Preparing Your Body & Mind for childbirth


Get the 411 on optimal pregnancy nutrition

learn labor & comfort positions


get FAQ Answered

prenatal care

Instant access

Online Courses

Hello Pregnancy is more than just a childbirth course. You will grow in ways that you never knew were possible. You will emerge a stronger and more confident parent to be — no matter how your birth unfolds.


It’s 100% online and on-demand

Take our courses at your own pace. You can repeat as many times as needed. In a crunch? No problem, you can watch the entire course pack in a weekend (Netflix binge style). 


Get comfortable

It’s comfortable and cozy. Learn in the privacy of your own home —no awkward hours spent in a room full of strangers. 


It is all inclusive

This couprse pack is designed for moms (birthing people) and dasds (non-birthing people). Each course features segments made by partners, for partners.



Watch the classes on his own schedule. No traveling across town after a long day at work.


It’s affordable

Our course is priced lower than in-person classes and less than most comparable online alternatives as well. 

Hello hello!

I am Sharita!

I am the founder of Parentpiphany and the Hello Course series is my brainchild. 

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Answers to your

lingering questions

Check out our frequently asked questions, here.

Engage & Grow

Consulting & More

Sharita is available for one-on-one coaching, corporate consulting and speaking engagements. 

A virtual community is so much more than Facebook groups. When we get together and stand together, great things happen; we empower, educate and encourage one another. Our virtual summits and retreats offer parents the opportunity to learn, feel and experience community on a global level. Join our mailing list to get the latest news. 

We get the frustrations, the wins and everything that goes with parenting. Whether you sign up for the courses or not, Sharita is rooting for you. But let’s be honest when you become a parent a new version of yourself emerges and it can be challenging. 

The good news is it doesn’t have to be so difficult or a constant struggle. Get the one-on-one support, connection and guidance you need as you grow into parenthood. Sharita will thought-partner with you during life’s biggest transitions so that you feel confident in your choices. Simply put, working directly with Sharita is your game changer moment. Sharita will turn you into a problem solving, mindful, action-taking parent. Ditch the struggle.



Being a working parent isn’t easy; balancing the responsibilities of parenthood and a professional career can be challenging. Sharita has experienced the firsthand the benefits of when a company supports their talent by providing opportunities for parental enrichment along with a generous parental leave so that working parents can thrive both at home and at work. Parentpiphany partners with employers to offer parents in the workforce the support and resources parents need as they welcome a baby and return back to work. We offer our digital courses along with one-on-one support to meet the needs of parents, particularly expectant, pregnant and new parents in the workplace. We also work with brands who strive to do better at creating and marketing products to reach parents and parents-to-be.



Interested in having Sharita at an upcoming conference or event? She speaks on a variety of topics relating to birth and parenting. If your organization seeks to engage, celebrate, uplift and empower its members, employees, colleagues and guests, then the speaker for your next event must be none other than Sharita. 


Looking to connect with a group of women over a 2-day retreat? We plan on hosting our first mindful retreat in the Fall of 2020.  If you’re interested in more information because complete this interest form.  At this time these retreats are geared towards mothers (new and expectant).