Sharita covers the A to Z’s of HypnoBirthing

Having been established over 30 years ago HypnoBirthing® is a proven child birthing method.  HypnoBirthing is a childbirth education program that combines the fundamentals of giving birth and the instruction of breathing, relaxation and visualization techniques.  These techniques can be used no matter wherever you choose to birth whether that be at a hospital, a birth center or at your home.

HypnoBirthing with Parentpiphany

The HypnoBirthing course is currently being offered virtually.  It is taught in 2.5-hour classes over 5 consecutive weeks.   With Parentpiphany you will learn how to take the fear out of birthing; leaving you empowered and ready for baby’s arrival.  During each class we will use exciting and fun methods as you learn about childbirth and what to expect during your pregnancy.

When you take a class with Parentpiphany you will learn that your body will want you to push with it.  As you give birth you’ll listen to your body. Sharita will teach you breath birthing which is self guided and very different from provider directed pushing.

Anthony Thompson and Sharita Thompson_5

The Doula Couple are HypnoBirthing parents too

We’re parents to two children; Sharita has given birth twice and both times she was able to use the relaxation, visualization and breathing techniques learned in HypnoBirthing.  Sharita listened to her body, trusted her instincts and was able to  breath both babies down. You can read more about her experience here